We are located right beside the cycling path that circles the Lipno Reservoir. The path is suitable for bikes, inline skates and longboard, but you can also get to us by car. You can park at the designated parking lot right by the resort.

Admission to RY:BAR is free. It is open chiefly during the summer holidays, but you can also rent it during the year for social or company events.

ski & wake, wakeboard, lipno, lipno nad vltavou


Everyone can enjoy wakeboarding and water skiing at the resort. We have a two-way Wakemaster course that meets all safety requirements.

fun zone, vodní atrakce, parníček, aquaroller, paddleboard, petanque, rybar, lipno, lipno nad vltavou


Check out our two water reservoirs from the deck of a steamboat, aquaroller or paddleboard.

Rybí bistro Rybar Lipno, rybí speciality lipno


Carp fingers, fish burgers and roast mackerel: those are some of the specialities that visitors from the entire area come to enjoy.


Lipno nad Vltavou 199

382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou

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